Introduction of shopping street
Saishutei Hora
Pizzeria & Winebar Sling
Chinese Cuisine Shanghai Shuka
Odawara Gohan Tei
Haikara Chicken Odawara
Yoidokoro Heizo(Izakaya
Odawara Fish Uogashi Den
MARUTAKA Takahashi Butcher
Izakaya (Japanese style bar) Shounan Taishu Yokocho
Karaoke Fantasy Odawara
Live Lounge SPATS
Mammy Beauty Salon
Odawara Totoya
Yonehashi Ryoriten
Odawara ramen Iku
Odawara Terminal Hotel

You can find shops that are essential to your life, such as restaurants and food shops with a wide variety of menus, including Japanese, Western, Chinese, and bento.
In addition, a variety of shops are also attractive, such as freshly baked bread, sushi with fresh ingredients, hand-made soba noodles, and side dishes that boast of homemade taste.
In addition, there are 80 barber shops, beauty salons, clothing shops, bicycle parkings, acupuncture clinics, hospital clinics, pharmacies, travel information, housing centers, karaoke houses, butchers and 80 attractive shops.
Shopping street on the east side of Odawara Station helps everyone’s daily life.!

Meeting Japanese traditional culture

In Shopping street on the east side of Odawara Station, you can visit the place where you are cooking fish at a Japanese restaurant and watch Japanese traditional comedy entertainment to experience traditional Japanese culture.

A safe and secure city even at night

In Shopping street on the east side of Odawara Station, we are replacing street lights from mercury lamps with bright LED lights, directing bright cities even at night, and working to create a safe and secure environment.

Please check first

Please enter from Odawara Station side and look at the left side immediately after.There is a guidebook of Shopping street on the east side of Odawara Station. Then go a little further and there will be an old monument named “Shinzo”.It seems that there was a storehouse to store rice around here in the Edo period.
If you go further, there is a spot with the theme of “the connection between the visitors and the shopping street”. If you put your hand in the mouth, you can hear the voice and feel happyness.